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Aug 9, 2013 12:00pm CDT
's that for a variety of weather. ? temperatures now at 94 at dallas. 93 attacks in mississippi. look at the cooler air and a pool of ear infections of ontario. quite interesting. a high yesterday. the key here has been extraordinary. that is not uncommon in texas to have long strings of warm weather. this has been persistent heat. for us we are in the sun and watching this field of cumulus clouds. those are the ones that might produce scattered thunderstorms. look at this we have had 2.96 in. of rain since july. the normal is quite a bit more than that. this ranks among the driest 27% all year since july 1st to occur here in 142 years of data. only 64% of average. that is why we have been hearing from folks that it is a little bit dry. rainfall projections but is around half an inch. the amounts never fall evenly. that is assault normal amount of rent. and this summer that has also been a little cooler than average. 6.7 degrees cooler than last summer. only 7ยข a degree below the historic average for summer. it has been a near normal for summer. it seems cool. june july and august have all shown sligh
Aug 19, 2013 12:00pm CDT
battered much of the southeast is again present flash floods and record rainfall. gulfport, mississippi got hit the worst receiving roughly 6 in. of rain. the rising rotor's covered roads, stalled cars and stranded drivers. the airport reportedly received more than 4.5 in. of rain in one hour. the heaviest rain has moved out and more showers are in the forecast. well for that reason for central idaho is now blocking more than 100,000 a.. lightning ignited the beaver creek fire almost two weeks ago. weather has helped firefighters but by last night it was only 5 percent contained. 2200 homes had been evacuated >> prison authorities examining information relating to the death of princess diana and her boyfriend. scotland yard is not saying what the information is, only that officers are assessing the relevance and credibility. the telegraph reports detectives were looking into claims princess diana was murdered by a member of the british military. the couple was killed and a high-speed crash in paris 16 years ago well, what he was chasing them. prince william set down for his first off
Aug 12, 2013 12:00pm CDT
was out in iowa which was across the mississippi river from galena and did this time exposure of star trails across the sky but he also captured one of the need years. if you look carefully you will see a line and that's one of the meteors shooting across the sky above this beautiful church out there in iowa. thanks to loraine for a gorgeous shot. check this out. did you see these on sunday out anywhere across the area. dan captured these lenticular clout. they look like flying saucers and you don't often see those but that's a sign of a wave pattern in the atmosphere. michael was out on the schooner read which shooting the tall ships on saturday night. a beautiful shot right there. robert earl was out in north carolina outer batanks, how would you like that coming at you been on a boat somewhere? job was downstate and captured shell clouds just a couple weeks ago, down by lichfield illinois is a we've had our fair share of shell clouds. it is beautiful sunset from jeffrey. jeffrey has the city skyline framed against a beautiful setting sun. we have some talented photographers o
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3